In this photo he was just a little boy: today he is a much loved and famous singer

Can you recognize the singer in this photo? He was just a kid, today he is a famous character and known by all. Who is it about?

Look carefully at this photo, don’t you recognize a familiar face? It will probably be very difficult to guess who is the mysterious character but know that this little boy has become very famous today. It’s impossible that you don’t know who it is, you’ve heard of it without a doubt. Beyond personal tastes, this young man teenager he’s come a long way and there’s no doubt you’ll recognize him once you see what he’s become today.

Who is this guy? (credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

Still don’t know who it is? Maybe it’s best to start giving yourself a little help. This photo was taken when the mysterious character was still a kid, he probably had fourteen years. The most important thing to know is that it hasn’t been that many years since this shot was taken. It is not recent but we are talking about a character who is still very young.

Do you understand who it is? Let’s try a second clue: the character in this photo is a singer and has had a lot of success in recent years, precisely in the last five years, after having participated and triumphed in the program Friends from Maria de Philippi. Both before and after participating in the historic program, broadcast on the networks Mediasetour friend also sang at San Remo Festival, enjoying great success. Now you have definitely understood, to be sure you simply have to scroll down the text.

Who is the singer in the photo? Here is the mystery revealed

We have said that he is a singer, we have specified that he is still quite young and that he has sung for Friends and al San Remo Festival. By now it is clear, we are talking about Iramaat the registry office Philip Maria Fantiborn in Carrara on December 20, 1995. He made his debut in 2016, participating in the San Remo Festival with the song What will remaincompeting in the category “New Proposals”. As everyone knows, great success came thanks to Maria DeFilippi.

The wife of Maurice Costanzo allowed him to become famous by making him participate in his talent show in 2018. Irama won that edition of Friends and then sang a again San Remothis time in the category of “Big”introducing the song The girl with the tin heart. This artist must like the Sanremo kermesse very much, since he took part in the festival again in 2021 with The genesis of your colorand in 2022, with Wherever you are.

Irama today
Irama, check the photo as a child (credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

The photo was posted from a fan page of Irama on Instagram with the following caption: “There are no differences.. PS: it’s so nice to dig up memories and share them with you”. With a little attention, it is possible to notice a great similarity between theIrama today and the one from a few years ago, also because this shot is just over ten years old, so it hasn’t been that long ago.