In this photo with her mother she is a very sweet little girl, today she is a complete artist: guess who she is!

Today we know her as a true artist and one of the most loved women of the show: do you recognize her in this photo with her mother?

In this image that portrays her together with her dear mother, she appears as a child: blonde, big blue eyes, beautiful features like those of an angel. How many of you can recognize the very famous artist we all know?

In this photo with her mother she is a very sweet little girl, today she is a complete artist: guess who she is! (Instagram)

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The mother is a figure to which she is very attached, as demonstrated also in the dedication that he addressed to her in these days during his television broadcast. “This time I dedicate this beautiful song, brought to the competition in #Sanremo in 1983, to my mother Rosa born in 1950. You always sang it to me as a child … and today I sing it to you”, reads the video posted on Instagram in to which we see her singing the 1950 song by Amedeo Minghi.

We are talking about Serena Autierian all-round artist born in Naples on April 4, 1976. From an early age it was clear that she would have a future in the entertainment world: as a child she studied singing, acting and ballet and, in fact, today she is one of the most prepared and complete that we see on TV, in the cinema and in the theater.

Serena Autieri, the photo as a child is of infinite tenderness: the artist is as beautiful as her mother

From the shot that appears on her very popular Instagram profile, we can admire the extraordinary beauty of her mother, even if compared to her Serena has lighter colors.

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Face of very famous fiction and TV series such as A place in the sun, a step from heaven, honor and respect, and the movie The abusive princeAutieri is now at the helm of Dedicato, broadcast on Rai 1 on Saturday afternoon.

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Photo source: Instagram

And did you know how beautiful she was even as a child?