In three simple steps, so you can achieve the makeup of Karol G

Carol G. has more than 59.8 million followers on instagram, a platform that she chooses daily to show herself with different looks and highlight the moments that music and fame allow her to live. The Colombian singer owns a sensual figure and her face is the recipient of many compliments.

Carol G posing. Source: Instagram @karolg

The “Bichota” is 32 years old, she is a young artist, but her exposure, like any star, is exposed to the most ruthless criticism. However, Carol G. She is not afraid of camera flashes and she always looks smiling or with some great facial expression that very few would dare.

So you can achieve the makeup of Karol G

Carol G. is currently at the center of the scene after introducing his new song “TQG”. Her eyes are on the artist 24 hours a day and her makeup is very important to her and any public figure. In three simple steps, the Colombian and any reader can look great.

Carol G posing. Source: Instagram @karolg

“Bichota” herself has explained that after preparing her skin with a facial toner, a serum with antioxidants and a moisturizing cream, she makes up with a base that she places from the “outside in”. The second step is to apply a concealer for dark circles and a translucent powder to make makeup “stay the same throughout the day”.

Carol G posing. Source: Instagram @karolg

Finally, as the third step, Carol G. She adds a powder bronzer to her face, which she uses to highlight her cheekbones and chin, and then places shadows in dark tones on her eyelids. Thus, the singer’s face is ready to go on stage, perhaps adding a gel to her eyebrows to enhance them.