In Valencia, Ford upgrades solar energy plant, target 10 MW

The house of the Blue Oval moves forward towards achieving the sustainability goals according to which by 2035 only zero-emission electric vehicles will be sold in Europe with total carbon neutrality across its European manufacturing footprint,

Ford announces solar power plant upgrade at Almussafes plant in Valencia, Spain, a process by which the brand moves forward towards achieving its sustainability goals that by 2035 only zero-emission electric vehicles will be sold in Europe with full carbon neutrality across its entire European manufacturing footprint, including logistics and suppliers.

The photovoltaic area, which converts solar energy into electricity, is located in an area of ​​the Spanish plant that is not dedicated to production and includes two stretches of solar panels capable of producing nearly 4,641 megawatt hours per year, a level that will increase this summer of 3,762 megawatt hours, and which will be accompanied by the goal of expanding solar panel areas on other non-producing land, to reach 10 megawatts by 2024. The feasibility of potential future solar panel installations on roofs of factory buildings.

From 1 January 2022, all electricity used by Ford’s Almussafes plant comes from renewable sources and all electricity purchased for the needs of Ford’s manufacturing plants in Europe comes from 100% renewable sources. The company is continually looking for new opportunities to increase the use of renewable energy and aims to use 100% carbon-free electricity in all manufacturing facilities globally by 2035.