In video-telling 20 stories of Maugeri patients, President Damiani: “They moved us”

On the occasion of the 117th anniversary of the founder’s birth

Twenty stories, collected in as many videos shot in the Maugeri institutes throughout Italy, were screened on the occasion of the celebrations for the 117th anniversary of the birth of Salvatore Maugeri. The testimonies of Stefania, Antonio, Patrizia and other patients who have found answers to their needs in Maugeri. “We wanted to retell the story of the clinic’s founding professor,” he said Luca Damiani, president of ICS Maugeri – in particular to our new recruits and new professionals who have joined Maugeri. But on the other hand we also wanted to tell all the stories that come from our institutes. We got excited in front of sick people and patients who in our facilities, together with doctors, nurses and physiotherapists, managed to find a way out to arrive at an awareness that with that disease one can also go on”.

“We want the example of my grandfather Salvatore Maugeri to be lived daily by the people who work in Maugeri – he explained Chiara Maugeri, vice president of the Salvatore Maugeri Foundation – and this is my mission, that is to give continuity to that world lived by my grandfather with that commitment, that dedication and that humanity. Having the person at the center means having the patient at the center, the employee at the center, and therefore being close to the patient and family members to give the patient a chance and make him the protagonist of his own life again”.

At the center of the speeches that followed on stage was the past, the present and the future of Ics Maugeri. “A truly beautiful day – commented themanaging director Giuseppe Fraizzoli – in which we remembered to build our present and the future to come. We have declined many development projects that our institute will be able to carry out in the future. I think Maugeri can be one of the best platforms for building the new healthcare system in Italy which is that of continuity of care from the acute patient’s bed to home. Maugeri comes from 2 very complicated yearsthey have been for the entire healthcare sector in Italy, but he has shown great resilience and courage. We have had exceptional operators who have done an enormous job, with also a great contribution to the Lombardy Region for vaccinations”.

In the second part of the celebrations for the 117th anniversary of the birth of Salvatore Maugeri, with the panel ‘Maugeri: the vocation for research‘ moderated by Antonio Spanevello, director of scientific programs of the Salvatore Maugeri Foundation, Walter Ricciardi, scientific director of Ics Maugeri, and Giancarlo Agnelli, Head of Research of Ics Maugeri, took part.