In what relationship are Gigi D’Alessio and Nino D’Angelo? The truth comes out

After the rumors about their alleged quarrel, the truth finally emerges about the relationship between Nino D’Angelo and Gigi D’Alessio: how things are.

Two great artists who have marked the history of Naples and its music: Nino D’Angelo and Gigi D’Alessiohowever, they have managed to emerge even outside the confines of their beloved land and for decades they have become internationally famous names.

Did D’Alessio and D’Angelo have a fight? (Credits: Instagram)

For some years engaged together in the show Sons of a minor king, the two had been the protagonists of some rumors according to which disagreements would arise between them. About a year ago it was the weekly Who in the address book ‘Gossip goodies’ to speak first of a certain cooling of their relations, but neither of them had ever officially confirmed this rumor.

The hypothetical breakup had been attributed to the fact that it was the most famous former blond bob in Italy who introduced the rapper to his colleague Livio Cori who, as we all know, then embarked on a love affair with his own Anna Tatangelo. A hypothesis perhaps a bit convoluted, but which has been considered by someone for some time.

In November 2021, however, Nino and Gigi appeared together in a photo during the match played between Napoli and Lazio, but since neither of them ever commented on the indiscretion, many kept wondering what their current relationship was like. Now, it is finally possible to know how things are currently between Nino and Gigi thanks to a video posted on D’Angelo’s Instagram page.

Nino D’Angelo and Gigi D’Alessio: a video shows the whole truth

It is not yet known whether the separation actually took place between them nor the reasons for it are known, the fact is that in the video you can see the two Neapolitan artists joking in harmony sitting on the sofa while they decide the songs to sing in the stages of the tour scheduled in Germany.

“We are deciding the lineup of Sons of a minor king, 60 songs for each date. Don’t miss it, ”they tell the fans who obviously were delighted to see them laugh and have fun together like great friends. “For the moment it’s 60 songs, just think about it. Thirty each eh ”, specifies the former companion of Tatangelo. The German cities in which they will perform are Zurich on September 14th, Stuttgart on September 16th, Liège on 17th and Düsseldorf on 19th.

No quarrel apparently, although it is not known so far whether this is a reconciliation or simply no rupture has ever existed. In this case, who knows that they may not decide to talk about it sooner or later, at the moment, however, no cloud seems to fly over the sky of their friendship.

Nino D'Angelo and Gigi D'Alessio
What is the relationship between D’Angelo and D’Alessio? (Credits: Youtube)

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