Incastrati, the first series written, directed and performed by Ficarra and Picone

FRAMED is a comedy series in 6 episodes which, through the language and irony typical of Ficarra & Picone, tells a criminal story in perfect comedy style of misunderstandings. At the center of the story are two friends who remain involved in the events of an excellent murder. Trying to escape from the crime scene, the two get more and more into trouble in a crescendo of events that will even lead them to have to deal with the mafia. In the cast, in addition to Except Ficarra (Except) e Valentino Picone (Valentine), Marianna di Martino (Agata Scalia), Anna Favella (Ester), Tony Sperandeo (Tonino Macaluso, called “Useless Thing”), Maurizio Marchetti (Goalkeeper Martorana), Mary Cipolla (Mrs. Antoinette), Domenico Centamore (Don Lorenzo, called “Primo Sale”) e Sergio Friscia (Sergione)

The series also sees among the writers Fabrizio Testini, Leonardo Fasoli, Maddalena Ravagli. Among the producers Nicola Picone for Tramp Limited. The series will arrive on Netflix on January 1, 2022

Stuck, the characters of the TV series

SALVO – VALENTINO (Salvo Ficarra and Valentino Picone)

They own a small household appliance sales and repair company. Their profession takes them daily to travel the streets of the city and the province in their company van to go to the homes of customers.

Salvo is a dynamic person, very attached to his time even if with an apparently traditionalist vision of life. Very fond of crime series and therefore eager for a more adventurous life full of twists.

Valentino, on the other hand, has a more calm and reflective character, he has never married and has a very intense and deep bond with his mother. He is happy with his life and has a more open world view than that of his friend-brother-in-law.

AGATA (Marianna di Martino)

Longtime friend of the two protagonists, she holds a prominent role and responsibility within the State Police.

He is an energetic, independent and emancipated character who leads his battle against crime with vigor and consistency.

ESTER (Anna Favella)

Salvo’s wife. Woman full of vitality, outgoing and strong-willed. She is very much in love with her husband to whom she does not spare attention and love but, at the same time, is a free and independent person. Characteristically strong and determined, she will be the protagonist of a profound path of change and maturation that will lead her to reflect on her own existence.

TONINO MACALUSO, called “Useless Thing” (Tony Sperandeo)

He is an old-fashioned man who grew up under the aegis of the mafia. From a very young age he has always aspired to become a boss of the first magnitude but some vicissitudes on the one hand and some personal weaknesses on the other have made him remain in a sort of limbo.

He is very attached to his boss, the dreaded Holy Father, an impregnable and now almost legendary boss.

DON LORENZO, known as “Primo Sale” (Domenico Centamore)

True right hand of the Most Holy Father of whose esteem and trust he boasts. Don Lorenzo over time has managed to become a boss and for this reason he constantly makes fun of Tonino who he considers little more than a picciotto and with whom he often and willingly puts himself in competition.

SERGIONE (Sergio Friscia)

Former schoolmate and friend of Salvo and Valentino. Assault journalist always ready to chase the news wherever it occurs. He regrets the past “good times” and can’t stand this arid present of real scoops.


A man all in one piece, honest and consistent with himself, he spent his entire life in the service of the state, tirelessly fighting against the crime and the underworld that infest our country like a cancer.


Colleague of Agata, a distinguished and calm man, thoughtful, serious and irreproachable, esteemed by his colleagues and feared by criminals and offenders. A man of thought rather than action, however, he does not disdain to roll up his hands and go to the front line when necessary.

Incastrati, the words of Ficarra and Picone

“When we were offered the possibility of working on a series, we enthusiastically threw ourselves into this new adventure because we love new explorations, new paths and new challenges. The thing that excited us most was the possibility of unraveling the plot in several episodes, as if it were a much longer film, and therefore have the opportunity to deepen the adventure and psychology of the characters: their aspirations, their fears, their defeats and their ups and downs. Writing, directing and actively participating at the editing, then, it is an additional opportunity to continue listening to the story, which is gradually being written before your eyes.

For Stuck it was nice to tell a certain Sicily again; a certain mafia, hidden but (alas) far from being definitively defeated. It was an opportunity to make places talk and to work with a myriad of actors we have known for some time. To achieve Stuck it was ironic and play with the serial structure, which is different from the one we used to frequent. To achieve Stuck it was an opportunity to play at what has always been done in comic cinema: get into trouble and try to get out of it as clumsily as possible. “