Inclusion Allowance, how the Citizenship Income changes

The subsidy will start next year. Reserved for families in difficulty with minors or disabled or over 60. For those who can work, reduced aid and forfeiture if the job is refused. It will cost less to the state coffers

The squeeze, as promised in the electoral campaign, has arrived. The Citizenship Income will retire and to combat poverty the government is changing the page with a subsidy that promises in several cases, especially for those who are able to work, to be thinner than at present.

The new subsidy will start in 2024

The new tool for those in difficulty is the Inclusion Allowance, provided for in the Labor decree, which will start in January and will cost over 5.4 billion in the first year (two less than the Citizenship Income). Only families with minor children or if there are disabled people or elderly people over 60 years of age can ask for it.

The requirements and what is due

Thus, if you have an ISEE that does not exceed 9,360 euros and the household income does not break through 6 thousand, you are entitled to aid, which cannot be less than 480 euros per month and can reach 630 if you are over 67 years or severely disabled. There is also a contribution of 280 euros for the rent, but only if the contract is in order. In practice, it can reach 780 per month. We are in line with the Citizenship Income, but some parameters change, so if – for example – there are adult children, the new subsidy would be lower than it is now.

Reduced aid for those who can work

Greater the squeeze for the so-called employable. From September, if Mr. Rossi is unemployed, alone, under 60 years old and has no serious health problems, the subsidy will decrease from 500 to 350 euros per month, with training obligation, and for a shorter period than now (one year non-renewable).

The check is lost if the seat is refused

In addition, you will lose support if you refuse a permanent position anywhere in the country or if it is full-term and within 80 kilometers of your home. Then there will be incentives for companies that will hire those who have the Inclusion Allowance: with discounts on social security contributions (100 percent with a limit of 8 thousand euros per year) and relief for those who hire young people up to thirty years of age. age (equal to 60 per cent of salary for a 12-month period).