Inclusion and gender equality, education starts from childhood

The Cap group adopts the ‘Since childhood’ program

Learning to live a correct relationship between women and men, overcoming prejudices, stereotypes and preconceptions that have characterized much of society for too long. The program that Gruppo Cap, the green utility that manages the water service of the metropolitan city of Milan, and the Women’s Council of Milan have brought to a nursery, the one located at inside the headquarters of the public company and managed by Pulcini&Co. This is an initiative that aims to promote inclusion through the involvement of the parents of the children who attend the Cap nursery, and the educators who animate it and who work for them every day.

“Last year we inaugurated the nursery that we strongly wanted within our new headquarters. A nursery that is aimed not only at the people who work in the company, but also at the parents of our neighborhood” explains Yuri Santagostino, president of the Cap group. “By adopting the Since Bambina project we intend to continue on the path undertaken in promoting a culture based on attention, on respect, on the valorization and inclusion of diversity. In fact, we are convinced that a public company, in addition to creating economic and social value, must look to the future by contributing to building a cultural model that promotes parity and equality”.

Fin da Bambina is a project born in 2016 on the initiative of the Women’s Council of Milan, with the aim of involving public and private institutions to overcome the stereotypes that block the achievement of true equality between genders, in every context and at every age . The intuition of bringing these initiatives within school structures, starting from kindergartens, proved to be successful. Many stereotypes, in fact, are the result of often non-rational behaviors, which derive from an education that is sometimes overcome by the evolution of society, or from behaviors or an environment that do not favor a balanced and peaceful relationship between the sexes. And for the first time, the project enters a nursery, becoming an integral part of the training offer and of the relationship established between educators and parents.

“The Associations of the Women’s Council of Milan help to develop a philosophy of life for women aligned with today’s times” comments Laura Caradonna, president of the Women’s Council of Milan. “A philosophy capable of breaking the patterns that have generated gender stereotypes and who knows how to create a collective female consciousness on a global level where the lowest common denominator is the awareness of equality, or rather of complementarity. Only through this path can complex situations be managed that require immense and common efforts to achieve gradual improvements until the desired solution is reached. Women’s associations that dialogue together and transform projects into actions in the area are an unstoppable force for progress and development”.

“We really believe in the Since Bambina project” explains Cristina Gamba, manager of Pulcini & Co, the children’s services division of Elior Ristorazione. “Our educational philosophy has always been based on inclusion and respect for the uniqueness of each individual, from a very young age. For this reason we work with a view to involving families and we will be happy to collaborate with the Women’s Council of Milan on such an important topic”.

The educational proposal in fact aims to create a climate of mutual respect right from early childhood, involving all the most important figures in the lives of the little ones, transmitting to them, with good daily practices, the beauty of an equal relationship without arrogance and conflicts. The project is divided into several phases and sees the support of all the associations present in the Women’s Council, each with its own specific skills. The process began at the beginning of November, with a meeting that aimed to involve parents, educators and experts from the Women’s Council of Milan.

The first step will then be to identify whether, and to what degree, preconceptions or prejudices exist with respect to the relationships/behaviors between boys and girls and with respect to the relationships between educators and parents, thanks to a questionnaire developed by the Tutti Più Educati Association, which joins the Council and has always worked for the safety of citizens with communication projects for tolerance and good education.

The opinions of both educators and parents will be analysed, in order to have the most precise portrait of the reality from which to start. This will be followed by a specific training session for the educators, again by the experts of the Consulta. From here the project will develop which will continue for the entire duration of the year, and which will then accompany the parents and young visitors of the CAP nursery in the years to come.

CAP Group’s participation in the Fin da Bambina project is the result of the memorandum of understanding signed in July with the Women’s Council of Milan by the Lombardy utility, the first public company to implement an initiative of this kind. The Memorandum of Understanding has various objectives to promote actions and projects to prevent and combat gender violence in the workplace, carrying out awareness-raising and training actions. Also in July, in support of the direction undertaken with the Memorandum of Understanding, CAP also adopted a code of ethics dedicated to the promotion of inclusiveness and equal opportunities.