Increase in electricity and gas bills, savings of up to 515 euros: here’s how

The free market, according to’s analysis, offers the opportunity to reduce spending

Faced with the increase in electricity and gas bills, the solution could come from the free market. The end of the protected market has been postponed to 2024 and yet, according to the analysis by, those who in 2021 have carefully chosen an electricity and gas supplier in the free market have saved up to 515 euros on the price, that is to say on the 29th. % compared to those who were under guardianship.

According to the simulations of, looking at the best offers on the free market available online in January 2021, a family that at the beginning of the year chose a rate with a fixed price for 12 months spent, between electricity and gas, 1,256 euros, i.e. say 29% less than a family served in the protected market (1,771 euros). Specifically, the electricity bill for the household in the free market was 465 euros, which is 26% less than the one in the protected market (631 euros). instead, the expenditure was 791 euros, 31% less than that of the protection regime (1,140 euros).

“2021 was an extremely negative year from the point of view of energy costs and we already know that in the first part of 2022 tariffs will be high, perhaps even higher than the current ones. Considering moving to the free market could be a strategy to at least reduce in part the weight of the bill, especially if you choose a blocked rate, thus protecting yourself from further increases. they offer a cheaper price than the protected one “, comments Silvia Rossi, Bu Director Gas & Power of