“Incredible events took place”: Piero Chiambretti explains why he believes in the afterlife

“Incredible events took place”: Piero Chiambretti explains why he believes in the afterlife; the confession of the beloved conductor.

Little is missing at the beginning of a new television adventure for Piero Chiambretti. A new program, in the next season of Canale 5, where the protagonists will be children.

Piero Chiambretti (credits Mediaset Infinity)

The title of the show is “The charge of 100 and one”, because to interact with the conductor there will be just one hundred children. An exciting adventure, which Piero Chiambretti can’t wait to start: “Children have no filters, they don’t have party cards, they don’t have to please anyone, they simply have to be themselves”, he declared in a long interview with the weekly Oggi. Interview in which he also spoke of his particular relationship with the afterlife. “I believe in a form of afterlife“, Let’s find out what he said.

“I believe in the afterlife”, the confession of Piero Chiambretti

After the holidays in the company of his beloved daughter Margherita, Piero Chiambretti is ready to return to TV. And it was precisely the constant questions and arguments of his daughter, who is now 11 years old, helped him a lot in view of his new program, entirely dedicated to children. A wonderful summer spent in Sardinia, Liguria, Monferrato and Turin, with her Margherita, which she defines as “the only thing that matters”, in the interview given to Oggi.

Interview in which he also spoke of the painful loss of his mother, who disappeared in 2020 due to Covid. Regarding this, the conductor explained of believe in a form of afterlife: “My mother believed in it a lot and some incredible events that have occurred in these two and a half years since his death they give me the conviction that there is no Heaven, Hell or Purgatory, but qsomething that accompanies youeven when the dearest person in your life is gone ”.

piero Chiambretti
Piero Chiambretti (Instagram Credits)

All about La Carica dei 100 e 1, the new program by Piero Chiambretti

The new transmission by Piero Chiambretti will not be called Talentissimo me, as initially leaked: the title ultimately chosen was La Carica dei 100 e 1, which recalls the beloved Disney classic. The protagonists will be right one hundred children, aged between six and eleven. A great emotion for Piero Chiambretti, who will return to Canale 5 in prime time. When will the show start? The exact date has not yet been disclosed, but, as reported by TV Blog, the departure is scheduled for January 2023. A show in which we will see all “the energy that children, and only them, in this depressed and depressive world can give us”, Chiambretti pointed out to Oggi. Making an important clarification: “It will be a broadcast with a hundred children but not for children. The mission is to demonstrate that children can teach grown-ups how to grow up ”. We can’t wait to follow the program, what about you?