Incredible tragedy for the actress: both parents found dead

A real incredible tragedy for the famous actress: both her parents were found dead, what happened.

A truly incredible tragedy, the one in which the famous actress of important TV series was the protagonist. From what we learn from the web, it would seem that the interpreter has lost both of his parents at the same time in rather unknown circumstances.

Incredible tragedy for the famous actress: what happened. Photo Source: Instagram

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The news was given a few days ago and, in a real heartbeat, it went around the web. On the other hand, we are talking about something really shocking. It is therefore more than normal that the resulting echo was incredible. Here, but what exactly happened? From what we learn from the web, it would seem that, in recent days, the famous actress has recommended some of her relatives to go and check her parents since she hadn’t received any news from them for days. As soon as they entered the house, however, the dramatic discovered: the married couple were found dead! Even today, in fact, the causes have not been traced. And it was even necessary to call an autopsy.

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Incredible tragedy for the actress: both parents died, what happened

A real shocking discovery, the one that the relatives of the famous actress made when they opened the door of her parents’ house and found two lifeless bodies in the house. We are talking about her: Alicia Witt, face of ‘The walking dead’, ‘Orange is the new black’ and many other successful TV series. What happened, though, exactly?

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From what is learned, it would seem that Alicia’s parents, 87 and 85 years old respectively, have been found dead in recent days. And, to date, the causes are yet to be established. Apparently, in fact, in the next few hours there will be an autopsy that will establish whether their death was caused by some gas or carbon monoxide leak. On the web, in fact, we read that the couple, for some time, had been complaining of a malfunction of the fireplace. And so, to heat the rooms of the house, they bought a small heater. Could this be what caused their deaths? Who knows! One thing, however, is certain: it is a real one incredible tragedy.

incredible tragedy
Photo Source: Instagram

We all rally around the actress’s pain!