Incredible tragedy in Vite al Limite: final shock, she died after surgery

Unexplained tragedy in Lives on the Limit: Dr. Nowzaradan’s patient died after surgery, final shock!

A completely shocking and inexplicable ending, the one we witnessed during the seventh season of Lives on the Limit: Doctor Nowzaradan’s patient is dead!

Incredible tragedy in Vite al Limite: final shock. Photo Source: Instagram

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She joined the program with a very strong desire to get back in shape, unfortunately, the woman was not able to achieve her goal at all. Let me be clear: right from the start, she kept her words and also managed to lose quite a lot of weight. In the middle of the program, unfortunately, something irreparable happened. It was exactly on February 15, 2019 when, from what we learn from the web, Dr. Younan’s patient died. This, then, is a rather dramatic story. And, on the other hand, we know very well that it is neither the first nor the last. Although, in fact, there have been many patients who managed to complete their goal and were able to get back in shape, there are just as many people who, unfortunately, lost their lives in Vite al Limite. Let’s find out, however, some more details about this dramatic story.

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Lives to the Limit Tragedy: she died after the surgery, what happened

We are used to telling you stories of incredible transformations and showing you rather impressive before and after images, but what we are about to tell you is a story that unfortunately has a rather dramatic ending.

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We are talking about her: Kelly Mason. The 41-year-old from Greensboro took part in the seventh season of Vite al Limite with a starting weight of about 329 kg and with a strong desire to get back in shape. In fact, his words are also matched by the facts. During the entire duration of the program, in fact, the very nice Mason had managed to weigh 115 kg. However, when he reached his goal, Kelly had to face other problems. Unfortunately, his health conditions were extremely serious. And that’s how, during the night, she died!

Tragedy to the limit
Photo Source: Youtube

To cause the death, from what we learn, it seems to have been a cardiac arrest that took her in the middle of the night. And that left her no way out.