Indecent proposal for the most loved gieffina: Alex Belli strikes again

Here we go again: Alex Belli strikes again. In fact, the indecent proposal for the most loved gieffina ever seems to have arrived.

Many will remember Alex Belli in the last edition of Big Brother VIP. The actor entered the Home married to the model Delia Duranbut going forward over the days he has established a “special friendship” with the influencer Sun rises.

Alex Belli indecent proposal (Credit: Instagram)

The triangle it lasted until the end of the program and after that. Now Alex is still married to Delia Duran, but he has one in mind gieffina current tenant of the most spied on house in Italy.
In fact, check one indecent Proposal revealed during the live broadcast, but let’s find out what happened.

Alex Belli strikes again: indecent proposal for the most loved gieffina

Antonella Fiordelisi is one of the competitors of the Big Brother VIP 7. Strong, outspoken, but also very sensitive, the model is very popular with the public.

Who, on the other hand, divided the viewers is Alex Belli with his past path in the Home. Even in this edition, his name can only be mentioned.
Indeed, in a moment of relaxation, Antonella reveals a indecent Proposal received from him.

Alex Belli and Delia
Alex Belli and his Delia (Credit Instagram)

Alex and Delia Duran have a atypical marriage so much so that he explained it once and for all a Novella 2000 when they exited the reality show.
Love is better in two, the se***o sometimes even in three” exclaims Belli during the interview.
Also, Delia explains who she and her husband are accomplices in one important respect: “We have one thing that makes us very united: we love women very muchfor this I can understand it“.

According to them, all this is to keep the passion and the desire to relate. Both want to hear free even if they are married.

Here comes one indecent Proposal now no longer unpublished by the two spouses during the current edition of GF Vip.
AND’ Antonella Fiordelisi to reveal it in a moment of relaxation together with Edward Donna Maria.

“He proposed me a threesome” reveals the gieffina and admits that she said no. “With Delia. They are very nice, funny. They have free love” comments Antonella and concludes: “I told him that I’ve never been with a woman. When I want to be with a woman I’ll let him know“.

It wasn’t enough for us Alex Belli in the last edition, also this year the actor strikes again. With the involvement of his wife, the former gieffino makes a indecent Proposal to Antonella Fiordelisi which for now he decides to refuse