Indelible stains on the table? Use these surefire tricks

Don’t be afraid of stains on the table! Even if you consider them indelible thanks to these infallible tricks you will be able to remedy the damage.

Taking care of the home shouldn’t be seen as aobsession, but as a form of organization, characterized by practical, easy and effective tricks that can really change the cards on the table.

Indelible stains. Credits: Canva

Today to deal with our highly skilled cleaning tricks will be the indelible stains on the table or on the tablecloth, those that we will actually discover to be more than removable, but only if you put some into practice tricks.

Try us, they will go away in the blink of an eye!

To manage everything you don’t need to be perfect, but to carry out some cunning gestures, which often fade into the background. It’s true, there are some spots what they really look like indelible and destined to remain forever to ruin your fine garments and materials.

Learn the art and put it aside, you will see that you will not do without it anymore. You won’t have to buy expensive products, just become more careful to small gestures.

The indelible stains on the table are a memory, you won’t think about it anymore!

The spots that we will cover today are those white or transparent, do not think that they are not indelible or harmless, because they can do irreparable damage. These are stains caused by condensation of glasses and bottles cold or for containers and vessels too hot because they contain the food you have prepared.

If you forgot to put coasters or other material between the pot and the table, fear not. The target is to eliminate condensation, how? Take a blow dryer and run it over the stain, but do it now. This way, you won’t give it the time it needs to consolidate. Finally, to make the result flawless, pass a finger over itolive oil.

If you want to use the iron just pass it at a low temperature, but not directly on the tablecloth. You’ll have to put a cotton cloth on it, not too thick, and you’ll see that the stain won’t exist.

table stains
Marseille soap. Credits: Canva

Finally, if oily substances have fallen instead, take one neutral soap. Rub it over the stain and put a drop of water. Leave to act, and then rinse. Among the best is Marseille soap, which of all is the most delicate, sanitizing and clean guarantee.

Put these tricks into practice and you will see that no more stains will frighten you, and everything will be under control without anxieties and worries.