Indi Gregory “is struggling, his parents would like different solutions”

Simone Pillon’s update on the case of the 8-month-old English girl after the procedures to stop life support machinery were started yesterday

“Yesterday after the extubation Indi Gregory stopped breathing. Then the little warrior recovered and is fighting, assisted with love and courage by mum and dad. During the night she experienced stress and fatigue. Her parents would like different solutions. Let’s pray and work”. Simone Pillon, the lawyer who followed little Indi’s family in Italy, updated with a message on X on the conditions of the 8-month-old English girl.

Yesterday the procedures for stopping the machinery began

Procedures were started yesterday for the detachment of life support machinery for little Indi, 8 months old, suffering from a serious and rare mitochondrial disease, for whom the UK judges denied transfer to Italy where the Bambino Gesù pediatric hospital in Rome had said it was ready to welcome it.

“So for the moment she has survived extubation and is breathing with a mask. The protocol provides for the supply of oxygen to be for a fixed period of time. It also provides for the suspension of treatment and the prohibition of resuscitation in the event of a crisis. We are following with apprehension”, Pillon reported on social media.

Dean Gregory, the little girl’s father, told Adnkronos that Indi was transferred from the hospital to the hospice by ambulance, escorted by the police. Again according to what the father reported, the little girl slept in the ambulance.