India, the Chandrayaan-3 probe is on the Moon

The lander has completed the moon landing. Modi: ‘Not just India’s success’

“India is on the Moon”. The Chandrayaan-3 probe completed its mission with the moon landing at 2.34 pm Italian today, 23 August 2023. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in Johannesburg in South Africa for the BRICS summit, followed the crucial phases of the moon landing via video link. “I want to reach out to the people of every country and every region of the world: the mission is not just an Indian success. This year the world will witness India’s presidency of the G20. Our approach will be ‘one Earth, one family, one future “, the words of Modi. India’s success comes just a few days after the flop of the Luna-25 project with which Russia wanted to send its own probe to the Earth’s satellite: the Russian probe, however, was destroyed in the attempt to land on the moon.

The Indian mission, launched 6 weeks ago, ended with the landing of the Vikram lander in the lunar south pole area. A 6-wheel propelled rover should now move across the lunar surface to collect images and data. Chandrayaan-3 is expected to remain active for 2 weeks: during this time it is expected to conduct a series of tests and experiments, including a spectrometric analysis of the composition of the lunar surface. The successful outcome of the mission cancels the failure of the attempt made in 2019 with the Chandrayaan-2 lander, which crashed while trying to land.