India, Ziya and Zahad are the first trans couple in the country expecting a child

The first child conceived in India by transgender parents will be born next March. The announcement came directly from Ziya and Zahad, the couple who live in Kerala, with a post on Instagram. The Hinsustan Times newspaper reports that the two have been living together for three years: Ziya was born a boy and became a woman, while Zahad, born a girl, became a man. However, in the transition from one gender to another, Zahad has kept the uterus, and is still biologically a woman, and this has allowed her to conceive a child naturally.

In India, adoption is impossible for transgender couples

Initially, the couple had planned to adopt, but legal procedures in force in the country make it impossible for a transgender couple to adopt. When a medical team from Kozhikode Medical College confirmed that there was no physical impediment to the pregnancy, although both are facing gender transitions, the decision was made. And so the images published on the Instagram profile show Zahad, the expectant father, with a mustache and an eight-month-old belly that emerges between the shirt and the lungi, the sarong traditionally worn by men in Kerala.