Indirect interceptions, Fi’s proposal: “No to arrest without reply”

In the pdl also penalties for agents who do not transcribe hearings ‘in favor’ of the suspect

The theme of eavesdropping continues to be central in the government majority, after the debate that arose from the words of the Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio. One arrives in the House new bill, signed by Forza Italiawhich aims to introduce a restriction on so-called ‘indirect’ interceptions. “If two people on the phone talk about a third person, accusing him of a crime, he cannot end up in prison”forced deputy Tommaso Calderone explains to Adnkronos, illustrating the contents of his proposal.

“With this pdl the ‘indirect’ conversation has a weakened probative value. That is, is no longer sufficient as evidence, to arrest a person. Feedback is needed. If Tizio and Caio, intercepted, say that Sempronio takes a bribe, with our law this indirect conversation needs a match: by itself, that interception cannot be left to the discretionary power of the judge”. The Forza Italia proposal also introduces ” a new type of crime” which provides for “a penalty for law enforcement officers who do not transcribe wiretaps in favor of a suspect“.

Another hot topic is the question of separation of careers, strength of Forza Italia. Both the blue party and the League have presented various bills on the matter. Calderone of Forza Italia signed one of these, presenting it at Montecitorio on 24 January. In the meeting with Minister Nordio, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni touched on the question of the separation of careers but remarked that the knot will have to be tackled in the context of an organic reform of justice and not with ‘spot’ initiatives. Should your pdl be interpreted as a ‘pressure’ on the Prime Minister? “Absolutely not”, replies Calderone to Adnkronos.

“Forza Italia has always talked about the separation of careers. It has always been one of Fi’s main projects, God forbid. Moreover, the separation of careers is one of the points of the centre-right’s electoral program. We have only presented a bill in line with what was said in the electoral campaign e in line with the guaranteed and liberal ideas of our president Silvio Berlusconi“. “Justice must be reformed. We all agree on this, we are all working on it. A synthesis will be found even with different souls”, concludes the forced parliamentarian.