Indonesia, candy alert with liquid nitrogen on Tik Tok: 25 intoxicated children

A new dangerous trend takes hold on Tik Tok among the very young in Indonesia: maximum alarm from the government after over 25 children were intoxicated by the so-called “dragon’s breath”, a colored round candy for sale on the street, popularized on TikTok , which contains a liquid nitrogen core. This was reported by the British newspaper The Guardian, which specifies how ‘chiki ngebul’ or ‘chikibulis’ (the local name for the toxic snack) causes stomach burns and food poisoning in those who eat it. For children it is a very fun product: once consumed, it releases the steam from the nose and mouth.

You risk burns and intestinal perforations

The victims of the intoxication are all children who took part in a trending challenge on TikTok in which they are filmed devouring the candy infused with liquid nitrogen, known colloquially as “dragon’s breath”. No deaths have been reported so far, but the ministry has confirmed that around 25 children have been affected, with two hospitalizations, but in reality the toll could be more serious. As explained by Dr. Dicky Budiman, an Indonesian physician and global health security researcher at Griffith University, liquid nitrogen makes the snack appear to smoke when consumed, but if it is consumed before the liquid nitrogen has evaporated, there is the risk of burns and intestinal perforations which in the most serious cases can lead to death. Skin burns and severe breathing difficulties are other potential risks, Indonesian health ministry director general Maxi Rein Rondonuwu said in a statement.