Indonesia, footballer struck and killed by lightning during a match

An absurd death. It’s the one involving a 35-year-old footballer in Indonesia, who was tragically killed over the weekend after being struck by lightning while he was playing a football match. The player, who, as local news reported, was called Septian Raharja, collapsed on the field immediately after being hit and was rushed to a local hospital. Then, a few hours after hospitalization, he was declared dead by doctors.

The witness

The accident occurred during the first half of the friendly match between Bandung and Subang played at the Siliwangi stadium in Bandung, the capital of the Indonesian province of West Java. Eyewitnesses reported that a first bolt of lightning was spotted near the stadium before the second struck directly on the pitch. Raharja, father of two children, was the only player to be struck by lightning, as evidenced by some videos that appeared on social media. He suffered serious burns to his chest and legs before being escorted off the pitch by other players to receive medical treatment. But in the end there was nothing to be done.