Infantino: “Italy candidate for Euro 2032? I would have preferred for the World Cup”

The FIFA president on the Women’s World Cup, “we aim for equality with men”

“As president of Fifa, I would have liked an Italian candidacy for the World Cup rather than for the European Championships. It is important for a football country like Italy, which must be a leader in world football, to organize such important tournaments. Since ’90 we no longer organize big football events and I think it’s a good thing if that happens.” Fifa president Gianni Infantino said so in the 700th episode of ‘The politics of football’ on Gr Parlamento regarding Italy’s candidacy to host the 2032 European Championships. “The stadiums obviously need to be modernized, everywhere the authorities, and even private investors realize the importance of a stadium which is no longer just a place where football is played, but a symbol of modernity.It seems to me a bit strange that in Italy one should expect the edition of a tournament to modernize them, it should be done regardless of the Europeans because Italy, a G7 country, must also be a leader from this point of view”, Infantino underlined.

“Women’s World Cup? The TV offers from Europe are bordering on shameful, in Italy about 200 times less than the men’s one considering that there is women’s Italy at the World Cup, unlike the men’s. We don’t ask that it be paid as much as the men’s, but respect the women who play this sport,” said the FIFA president of the women’s world cup which will be played in Australia and New Zealand from 20 July to 20 August. “Since I arrived we have gone from 15 million to 150 million in prize money. We are not yet at the level of men’s football, but we want to get there, but even those who criticize need to put facts and actions behind these criticisms. The World Cup Today, women’s football is a very important event; for this World Cup we think we will have 2 billion people who will watch it. It’s a World Cup, Italy will do well because women’s football is making important steps forward and we, like Fifa, will do so that equality is reached”.

Then on the last World Cup in Qatar, Infantino underlined how it was “the most beautiful in history with an incredible final and many surprises, with Morocco in the semifinal. The only sadness is that Italy was not there. He leaves us a beautiful memory with spectacular facilities, a celebration where we managed to unite the world through football.”

“The 2026 World Cup? Will it also be the spectacular, gigantic ones, we move on to 48 national teams, it will be played in Canada, Mexico and the United States, 16 spectacular, enormous stadiums, 104 matches. It will be the biggest event on Earth. We’re already there working and I’m sure it will be a success also because our goal is to make football the first sport in the United States as it is everywhere in the world”, added Infantino who then spoke of the U20 World Cup. “A 3-2 draw between Italy and Brazil evokes sweet memories. May it be a good omen for the entire Italian football movement. The Under-20 World Cup is a competition for the champions of the future, many have played it like Messi and Salah. There there is incredible enthusiasm around this World Cup, it’s a pleasure to follow Italy and also Argentina who have won the other World Cup. Casadei? It’s Inter’s year.”