Infiltrate the White House, the series on Sky from 11 June. Trailer

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Proving that history can sometimes be more incredible than fiction, Infiltrate the White House – White House Plumbersthe new HBO miniseries with Woody Harrelson (True Detective, The Hunger Games) And Justin Theroux (Six Feet Under, Joker), recounts in a lucid and irreverent way the lesser-known events that led to one of the biggest scandals in American politics, Watergate. Created by Emmy Award winners Alex Gregory and Peter Huyck (Veep), and directed by David Mandel (Veep), the series will be available exclusively on Sky and streaming only on NOW from 11 June (date from which the five episodes will be offered one a week every Sunday on Sky Atlantic).

Behind the scenes at Watergate

Infiltrate the White House – White House Plumbers takes the audience behind the scenes of the Watergate scandal, following the story of Nixon’s political saboteurs, E. Howard Hunt (Woody Harrelson) and G. Gordon Liddy (Justin Theroux), who accidentally managed to overthrow the presidency they were so zealously trying to protect… and their families along with it. It starts from 1971, when the White House hires Hunt and Liddy, respectively ex CIA and ex FBI, to investigate the Pentagon Papers leak.

The series faces with disenchantment a page of history that shocked the political world, reporting the facts with a note of lightness and sarcasm that allows viewers to ironically re-read a complex story that brought down the myth of the invulnerability of the White House.


In the cast also Lena Headey (already unforgettable Cersei de Game of thrones) and Judy Greer (Californication, Mad Love) as Dorothy Hunt and Fran Liddy, respectively. Domhnall Gleeson (Anna Karenina) plays White House Counsel John Dean, while Toby Huss (Blonde) plays CIA agent James McCord.


Directed and produced by David Mandel; created, written and produced by Alex Gregory and Peter Huyck; executive producers Frank Rich, David Bernad, Gregg Fienberg, Justin Theroux, Woody Harrelson, Len Amato and Ruben Fleischer. An HBO co-production with wiip, executive producers Paul Lee, Mark Roybal and Nne Ebong.