Inflation “and tsunami, +2,797 euros per year for a family with 2 children”

The alarm from the president of the National Consumers Union: “Just to eat and drink a family will pay an average of 592 euros more on an annual basis”

Inflation in Italy? “A tsunami” that “is fainting the Italians”, “a national emergency that must be resolved by removing the original and main cause that originated it, that is the crazy prices of the bills that companies have now transferred to the final prices of their products , as the price rush attests “. This is the alarm, in a note, by Massimiliano Dona, president of theNational Consumers Union.

“Too many things that have not yet been done: ceiling on the price of gas, decoupling between the price of electricity and that of gas, abandonment of the Ttf as a reference index, suspension of CO2 auctions, 100% taxation of the extra profits of energy companies . The fact that for Istat it is the electricity and gas of the free market that produce the acceleration of prices, demonstrates that the Draghi government, in the next provision under discussion, must postpone the expiry of the protected gas market envisaged. in just over 3 months, for January 1, 2023. While the light of the protected market increases by 57.3% on August 2021, that of the free market takes off by 135.9%2.37 times more, + 20.5% on July 2022. Translated into euro this means a sting per family equal to 858 euro on an annual basis for the free market against an increase of 362 euro for the protected “.

“Just to eat and drink a family will pay an average of 592 euros more on an annual basis. A sting that rises to 807 euros for a couple with 2 children, 729 for a couple with 1 child. The record belongs to couples with 3 children who for food and drinks they will have a knock of 964 euros “continues Dona. “As regards inflation as a whole, the + 8.4% translates, in terms of an increase in the cost of living, into an additional expense equal to 2,797 euros on an annual basis for a couple with two children, 1,189 just for home. , electricity and fuel, 835 for the shopping cart. For a couple with 1 child, the annual blow is equal to 2,596 euros. On average for a family, the increase is € 2,218, 614 for the shopping cart alone. The primacy is once again for large families with more than 3 children with a scoppola equal to 3,141 euros, 992 only for food and for home and personal care “concludes Dona.