Inflation, Federdistribuzione: it is not really a race to the discount but sales up

“More than a rush to the discount, it is the consumer who is changing his attentions and habits by gradually moving away from Premium products, as confirmed by a slight decrease in purchases of 1.5%, to first-price products, which are more affordable and they grow by one percentage point “. This is what is stated by Carlo Alberto Buttarelli, director of the Studies and Supply Chain Relations Office of Federdistribuzione, interviewed by Adnkronos on the phenomenon of the growth of discount purchases by Italians in times of sharp increase in inflation, as certified today by Istat with shopping cart prices up 10.9% in September.

“The distribution form of the discount store, however, continues to grow precisely because over the years it has greatly evolved, – explains Buttarelli – it is in effect supermarkets that have invested in quality over time, also including Premium lines. it is closer to consumers than consumers to the discount store “, even though” discounters have grasped the consumer’s need for quality and convenience and in some cases are interpreting it very well “.

“The discounter is acquiring a stake in modern distribution with a positioning of just over 20% of the total of the large-scale distribution. Moreover, it has a more limited offer than the supermarket, between 20 and 25% of the assortment”. Furthermore, Buttarelli concludes, “we note that the sales of private label products are growing more and more, a trend that also affects supermarkets and hypermarkets”. A phenomenon certified by the August NielsenIQ monthly survey which indicates an increase in the turnover of discount stores in August of + 11.4%.