Inflation, from Bolzano to Milan: here are the most expensive cities

On the podium of price increases Bolzano with +2259 euros, then Milan with +2226 euros and Siena with +2164

Bolzano most expensive city in Italy, followed by Milan and Siena. Power the most virtuous. Istat today announced the inflation data for March, on the basis of which the National Union of Consumers has compiled the complete ranking of all the most expensive cities in Italy, in terms of increase in the cost of living.

At the head of the ranking, Bolzano where the inflation trend of +8.5%, despite being “only” the seventh highest in Italy, translates into greater additional spending, equivalent to 2259 euros for an average family. Silver medal for Milanwhere the 8.2% rise in prices determines an increase in annual spending of 2,226 euros per family. On the lowest step of the podium Siena which with +9.6%, the second highest inflation in Italy ex aequo with Imperia, has an additional expense of 2164 euros per year for a typical family.

In fourth place is Genoa, the city with the highest inflation in Italy, +9.8%, with a sting of 2136 euros for an average family. Followed by Varese (+7.8%, +2057 euros), Grosseto (+9.1%, +2051 euros), in seventh place Trento (+7.8%, +2041 euros), then Ravenna (+8.2 %, +1982 euros), Perugia (+8.6%, equal to 1976 euros). Pistoia closes the top ten (+8.7%, +1961 euros).

On the other side of the ranking, the most virtuous city in Italy in terms of lowest additional expenditure is Potenza, with the lowest inflation in the country (+4.8%) and where on average “only” 948 euros more are spent. In 2nd place Reggio Calabria ex aequo with Catanzaro (+5.9%, +1102 euros for both). Bronze medal Campobasso (+6.8%, +1245 euros). Caserta (+6.6%, +1284 euros), Bari (+7.5%, +1301 euros), Caltanissetta (+6.9%, +1316 euros), then Ancona (+ 6.7%, +1332 euros) and Naples (+6.6%, +1335 euros). The top ten of the best Trapani closes: +7.2%, 1373 euros.

Even Codacons, on the basis of provincial data released today by Istat, has elaborated the ranking of the cities where inflation grows the most in March, and the related spending effects on households based on the average consumption of resident citizens. Genoa is the city where inflation grows the most in March, with a rate of 9.8%, bringing up what Potenza, where prices increase by only 4.8% on an annual basis. In Bolzano and Milan the heaviest repercussions, with the “typical” family spending over 2,200 euros more on an annual basis due to inflation.

According to the association, the slowdown in inflation recorded in March by Istat is unfortunately an optical illusion due to the drop in electricity and gas bills, while the goods most purchased by households, from food to shopping carts, continue to grow at a dizzying pace. The drop in inflation is due once again, explains a note, solely to the drop in electricity and gas tariffs on the protected and free markets, but for all other products we are still in the presence of a price emergency, with the cart of expenditure which rises by 12.6% over the year – analyzes Codacons – inflation at 7.6% is equivalent to higher expenditure equal to +2,223 euros per year for the “typical” family which rises to +2,879 euros for a nucleus with two children.