Inflation: Italy meritocracy, reducing taxation to citizens with more money favors recovery

“Being a citizen aware of daily difficulties is complicated today. It would be enough to read the main news in the newspapers to understand the general chaos. We move from the prohibition, then denied, to wish ‘Merry Christmas’ to the growth of inflation, to end with the ‘race’ facing the usual Covid-19 issue, which, in addition to the reinforced green pass and vaccines for children, now brings concerns about a new variant. In all this – explains Meritocrazia Italia in a note – there is an Italy at the mercy of the PNRR plan , which stammers amid delays and proclamations, as if it were the only source of life in a country that struggles to rejuvenate itself in the bureaucratic mechanisms that have characterized it since ancient Rome. The time has really come to focus not on ‘battles against something ‘but on the construction of a model nation “.

“Among the many, it is a defeat for our country not to have given any scientific solution to the pandemic and it is perhaps the right price we pay for having invested less and less in research. Instead of creating ‘brains’ – underlines Meritocrazia Italia -, we dream of a equivalent population, flattened on the same information note and with the same cultural level. Diversity in Italy has become an evil, and it is scary. The pride of health has turned into a nightmare. Yet a national control and no longer delocalized would be enough, given the many failures that have given rise to commissioners in various regions “.

“Justice is a sector for the benefit of only the powerful on duty. Any attempt at reform is resolved in a test of strength, in the affirmation of power, without aiming at the supreme interest or protection. Bureaucracy is now not a matter of norms but of people, with an explosive mix that is difficult to defuse without an overall vision. In this phase – Meritocrazia Italia remarks -, inflation is the least of the problems. It would be enough to reduce taxation giving greater availability of money to citizens, in order to favor Really the recovery. We need to build, not demolish. For this reason, Meritocrazia Italia asks all political forces to open a new phase, in which having an idea represents a wealth only when its affirmation occurs without hatred and prejudices. absolute truths. All together – he concludes – one can be bearers of civilization “.