Inflation stable in November, shopping cart more expensive

Expensive life at 11.8% as in October. Food and most consumed products on the rise. In the rest of Europe prices are slowing down. Signs of weakness for our economy, growth at a flicker in the summer

The dear life does not stop but slows down the race. In Italy, inflation remained stable in November but continues to remain very high. In the space of a year, prices have increased by 11.8 percent: we are at levels not seen since March 1984. Compared to October, the rise was half a point: no stop, therefore, but no c ‘it was a new flare.

Raw materials down

Istat explains that if the costs of gas and other wholesale raw materials continue to fall in the coming months, we could see a cooling. Meanwhile, bills continue to weigh heavily on Italians’ pockets and at the supermarket the food and products that are placed in the shopping trolley every day have – albeit slightly on a monthly basis – increased (+12.8 per cent per year).

Sting for families

In short, the weight of this hidden tax remains: the increases are only partially mitigated or covered by public aid. And consumer associations calculate that for a couple with two children, the additional outlay will be close to 4,000 euros at the end of the year: more than two lost salaries for the majority of Italians.

In the Eurozone, prices are slowing down

Things are a little better in the rest of Europe, where the average cost of living stood at 10 per cent in November (from 10.6 in October). Among the major economies of the continent, our country remains the one with the highest prices (Germany 10%, France 6.2%, Spain 6.8%). Added to all this are the signs of weakness in our economy.

Weak GDP in the summer

Istat confirms gross domestic product growth of 0.5 per cent in the third quarter (+2.6% per annum). The increase in household consumption, thanks above all to tourism in the summer, was counterbalanced by the decline in industry, which also recorded a reduction in turnover at the beginning of autumn.