Inflation, the top 30 of the price increases from light and gas flights

The ranking drawn up by the National Consumers Union: international flights win, taking off by 128.1% on August 2021. “Sting of 858 euros for free market light”

For the top 30 price increases based on inflation data, win the international flights took off by 128.1% on August 2021, in 2nd place the electricity (free + protected) which more than doubled in a year with + 102.9%, where once again the free market far worse than the protected one with + 135.9%, equivalent to an additional annual sting for an average family equal to 858 euros against an average increase, between free and protected, equal to 650 euros. Bronze medal for oil other than olive oil (+62.8), which wins for food and translates into an increase of 15 euros and 30 cents. This is what emerges from the ranking drawn up by the National Consumers Union.

In 4th place natural gas and town gas with + 62.5% which corresponds to a higher annual expenditure of 362 euros. Followed by diesel for heating (+ 43.6%), LPG and methane (+ 40.1%), in 7th place butter (+ 33.5%, equal to 9.37 euros) and silver medal among food. Then Media with sound, image and video recordings (+ 27.8%), Margarine which with + 23.6% is on the lowest step of the podium for food. Flour closes the top ten (+ 22.9%, +9 euros and 29 cents), 4th among foodstuffs.

In 11th place rice (+ 22.4%), then the symbolic food of Made in Italy, Pasta (fresh, dry and pasta preparations), in sixth position for food with + 21.7% and a surcharge per family of 30 euros and 47 cents.

Also of note are the preserved milk (15 °, + 19%), diesel for means of transport (16 °, + 18.2%), ice creams (17 °, + 18.1%), hotels, motels, pensions and the like that with + 15.7% compared to last summer are in twentieth place in the general classification but in 1st place for items related to holidays, excluding transport and limiting themselves to the real items typically related to holidays and summer, that is to the expenditure divisions Recreation, entertainment and culture and Hospitality and catering services.

Then Poultry (+ 15.6%) and Eggs (+ 15.2%), 21st and 22nd in the general ranking and which close the top ten of food. Finally, among foodstuffs, Sugar (+ 14.9%), Bread, “only” in 28th position with + 13.6%, but which determines an annual blow per family of 35 euros and 59 cents. Mineral waters close the top 30 with + 12.8%, equal to 19 euros and 37 cents.