Influenza 2024, when will the peak arrive?

Falcone (Simit): “It’s not there yet, it hurts more than Covid”

Flu cases are increasing. But when does the peak arrive in 2024? “As expected and in line with other countries, the flu is still growing, in addition to the transmission of other respiratory viruses”, says the general director of health prevention at the Ministry of Health, Francesco Vaia.

“More than Covid, I’m worried about the flu: it’s hitting hard, much more than SarS-CoV2 and the peak hasn’t been reached yet,” Marco Falcone, secretary of the Italian Society of Infectious and Tropical Diseases, told Adnkronos Salute ( Simit), takes stock of the Covid and flu situation in Italy.

“The cases and hospitalizations are decreasing due to Covid – comments the virologist – but the data on deaths are 2-3 weeks late. Those deaths – up 33% compared to a week ago – are of elderly and frail people affected by the disease in the period of maximum spread of the virus that we recorded 20 days ago. Data that shows us only one thing: that Covid is still associated with the risk of death for the at-risk categories”, the elderly and frail. “However – he underlines – at the moment in hospitals we have more serious cases of influenza than of Covid”. From now on “I expect a progressive decline in SarS-CoV2 infections, as there has been an important epidemic phase. Vice versa, for the It still influences the peak, we haven’t reached it” he concludes.