Influenza in China, leap in cases in Sian. Hypothesis lockdown and quarantine

Via the anti-covid protocol on a national scale, blocks for flu cases are on the way. It happens in China, in Sian, the capital of Shaanxi, where an emergency notice was issued due to the wave of flu cases, airing the hypothesis of lockdown and quarantine with the suspension of commercial and school activities, if necessary. According to state media, the temporary controls at the community level, in line with those of epidemic prevention and control, aim to reduce the flows of people and the risks of cross-infection, the notice reads, for which “the measures aim to prevent the spread of the virus”.

Influenza data

The flu season has entered a more intense phase with the A(H1N1) virus spreading in the country in a matter of weeks, also increasing the percentage of other flu-like illnesses, both in the southern and northern areas , to the extent that a total of 390 outbreaks were reported nationwide during the eighth week of 2023, between February 20 and 26. In the latest weekly report from the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of reported cases of flu, which has not spared the Chinese capital, tops the list having unseated infections for the first time this year. from Covid-19. Kindergartens in several districts of Xi’an, the historic city of terracotta warriors with more than eight million inhabitants, have issued notices to suspend classes, according to local media. In response, the contingency plan issued by the local authorities said that there could be temporary lockdown and quarantine measures, as well as cases of public transport restrictions and work and production halts in affected areas, depending on the severity of the outbreak. In addition, all types of gathering and large event activities are at risk of temporary suspension and busy public places such as shopping centres, cinemas, museums and tourist attractions may be affected by temporary closures.