Injury for Francesco Paolantoni: “Fracture of the tibia, fibula and malleolus”, as the comedian is

Francesco Paolantoni suffered an injury, the beloved comedian explains: “Fracture of the tibia, fibula and malleolus”.

Francesco Paolantoni is a much loved comedian and actor. We are seeing it in the new season of the program Tonight Everything is possible. In the format conducted by Stefano De Martino he is a regular guest, so we will have the pleasure of seeing him also in the following episodes.

Injury for Francesco Paolantoni, the comedian suffered a fracture of the tibia, malleolus and fibula (source instagram)

The comedian is very popular on social media and loves interacting with his fans. There are many videos published in which he makes us laugh and have fun with gags and jokes, and also many photos of him. Two days ago he informed his followers about him, via a video, to be in hospital after a fracture to the tibia, fibula and malleolus. But what happened to the beloved comedian? And how are you?

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Francesco Paolantoni in hospital for an injury: “Fracture of the tibia, fibula and malleolus”

A news that immediately worried fans, Francesco Paolantoni suffered an injury. The beloved comedian gave the news through his very popular instagram profile, telling everything from the hospital.

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He published a video in which he explained what happened without failing to add that streak of irony that has always distinguished him. The comedian suffered a fracture in his tibia, fibula and malleolus. In the published post he is in the hospital and showed his leg: “But if one fractures the tibia, fibula and malleolus in one stroke, is it a good one ?! But be careful, broken up eh “he explained with a lot of humor: “The foot is just the other way around” he added.

Francesco Paolantoni fracture
instagram source

Paolantoni is a regular guest of the program Everything is possible tonight. In this regard, many fans will have asked him how he will do with the format and with the various games. Jokingly, he explained everything in a video published in the last few hours. As stated, the program conducted by Stefano De Martino is recorded, so, yes, for those who are wondering, the comedian will be there: “I wanted to reassure those who think that I cannot do the tilted room with broken bones, rightly so, the program is recorded, otherwise how I did it “, he always explained with great humor.

Francesco Paolantoni suffered an injury, fracturing his tibia, fibula and malleolus and is now in hospital. He will surely keep his fans updated in the next few hours.