Inmate mothers, clash between Lega and Pd on changes to the law

The Dems withdrew their signatures on the bill to amend article 146 of the penal code, which provides for the deferral of the sentence for pregnant women and mothers with a child under one year of age. Salvini: “The Democratic Party frees Roma pickpockets who use children and pregnancy to avoid prison and continue to commit crimes”. Serracchiani: “At this point the fury of the majority against children is a certainty”

The political controversy surrounding the proposed law on inmate mothers is inflamed: the leader of the League in the Justice Commission of the Chamber, Jacopo Morrone, has made it known that the proposal “we will re-present it since the Democratic Party, withdrawing the signatures from the provision, the made it decline. And we will resubmit a text that contains the proposed amendments that had been approved and which provide that there are no more excuses for pregnant women. They too, if they go back to committing crimes, will end up in prison”. The bill to amend article 146 of the penal code, in fact, had also been presented by the Dems in opposition and with the withdrawal of signatures this decade.

Pd: “Right shows its total insensitivity”

“This was a text that had already been voted on by a branch of Parliament in the previous legislature”, explained the deputy of the Democratic Party Alessandro Zan. “We had resubmitted it to improve the conditions of mother prisoners, but the majority transformed it by inserting rules which in fact make things worse by even allowing pregnant women or with children under the age of one to go to prison. So it no longer makes sense, so let’s withdraw the signatures”. The Dem members of the House Justice Commission added: ” We were one step away from introducing a law of civilization into our system to make sure that we never again see girls and boys behind bars.With today’s right-wing forcing the text has been distorted and unfortunately with these rules the goal of our proposal has been cancelled. If they want rules for more girls and boys in prison, let them make the law themselves. The right once again shows its total insensitivity, a shame gna”. The leader of the Democratic Party in the Chamber Debora Serracchiani, in a press conference held together with Chiara Gribaudo, Federico Gianassi and Alessandro Zan, added that “at this point the fury of the majority against children is a certainty”.

M5s: “FdI undermines majority-opposition relationship”

The 5 Star Movement also intervened on the subject, with Valentina D’Orso: “On the proposed law for the protection of the relationship between imprisoned mothers and minor children, FdI, the relative majority party, and all the center-right in government demonstrate that they are not in able to manage the dutiful parliamentary confrontation. In the last legislature a tiring and delicate balance had been reached for a shared text, yesterday the Meloni government with a real blitz in the Justice Committee presented articulated reformulations of amendments, allocating a few minutes to examine their impact and effectively forcing the presenters of the bill today to disregard the authorship of a text that is distorted with respect to its purpose.I spoke in the Bureau to stigmatize the method of a majority and a government that take advantage of a proposal of law in opposition to distort its purpose and make it yet another flag of pure propaganda. A dangerous precedent that undermines the relationship of loyalty between the majority and the opposition that we cannot accept”.

Salvini: “Pd be ashamed, free Roma pickpockets”

Hard, after the withdrawal of the signatures of the Dems, was the intervention of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure Matteo Salvini: “The Democratic Party frees Roma pickpockets who use children and pregnancy to avoid prison and continue to commit crimes. Shame on you. The League had passed the law in the Justice Commission and will immediately resubmit the text: it is a question of health, justice and common sense,” the Carroccio leader wrote on Twitter.

The amendments to article 146 of the penal code

In the morning, the Undersecretary of Justice Andrea Ostellari also spoke on the subject: “Our request, supported by the entire centre-right, for a reform of article 146 of the penal code on the subject of pickpockets and pregnant thieves was accepted in the House Justice Commission. Finally we change and pregnancy will not be an excuse: those who commit crimes will be sanctioned, while respecting everyone’s rights, including the unborn child”. Furthermore, Ostellari added before the withdrawal of signatures by the Democratic Party, “for the good of the country we are waiting for the text to be brought to the courtroom as planned. In this way, pregnant pickpockets will not go unpunished and, according to the magistrate’s assessment, will serve their sentence in a family home or in a special prison for mother prisoners”. Article 146 of the penal code provides for the deferment of the sentence for pregnant women, for mothers with a child under one year of age, for those suffering from AIDS or other serious illnesses.