Innovatec, Haiki+ Strengthens Growth with Acquisition of Renewable Matter Magazine

Haiki+the subholding of the Innovatec Group which controls the services related to environmental sustainability and the circular economy, continues its growth path with the acquisition of Renewable Mattera magazine that for eight years has been reporting on the transformation of all industrial sectors to understand the challenges of sustainability, scarcity of materials, decarbonisation, the protection of natural capital and the protection of biodiversity with a view to economic and social security.

Renewable Matter, a point of reference for those who do business, innovation, research, economics and finance in the era of the climate challenge and the growing scarcity of raw materials, is directed by the professional journalist Emanuele Bompan and boasts a team of young journalists and specialized journalists , researchers, circular economy experts and analysts.

Renewable Matter|Materia Rinnovabile is an international magazine, printed in English and Italian, which was founded in 2015 and deals with circular economy, ecological transition, sustainable innovation, environmental policies, decarbonisation and industrial regeneration. On its website you can find daily digital information with news, insights, opinions, events and interviews, while in the magazine each issue is an in-depth monograph on a specific theme: from fashion to new energies, from food to circular water, from packaging to construction. It is distributed in 34 countries for a total of 4,000 paper copies sold and thousands of digital subscriptions. Previously Renewable Matter was a brand of Edizioni Ambiente, a recognized publisher in the sector.

“Renewable Matter is an economics magazine, published in English and Italian, read through the lens of circularity and sustainability. Alongside the daily news, the magazine offers high-quality in-depth reading, where the sources are verified and controlled. The acquisition makes it possible to do an even more capillary and extensive work, thanks to an increased editorial team, in which the deputy director Marco Moro, the editor-in-chief Giorgia Marino are confirmed and two new journalists under-30 Giorgio Kaldor and Simone Fant are hired, and a new social media manager Lucrezia Lenardon. We preserve the principle of fairness and accuracy, balance and accuracy, which have always characterized the editorial quality” she commented Emanuele Bompan.

“The reasons that led us to imagine and conclude this operation can be summarized in the mutual desire to integrate within Haiki+ a center of expertise and highly specialized on topics strongly related to our business and at the same time to increase the presence and planning of Renewable Matter in Europe, so that it is the most read and recognized magazine in the economic and political decision-making centres. So I welcome Emanuele and his entire team to Haiki+!”, he commented Nicholas Colucci President of Haiki+.

Haiki+ manages industrial waste recovery plants as well as specialized plants, for example, in the recovery of plasterboard sheets and mattresses: moreover, through targeted acquisitions, it is creating complex supply chains for the recovery of waste materials, such as WEEE (waste from electrical and electronic) and textiles. In 2022 Haiki+ acquired 90% of Servizi Ecologici Ambientali (SEA) spa, a company active in the collection and recovery of WEEE, after the acquisition in December 2021 of 56% of Cobat (shareholding increased to over 75% in March 2022), number one player in Italy in the collection, management, storage and recovery of batteries, accumulators, electrical and electronic equipment. Last April Cobat set up Cobat Tessile, a voluntary consortium for the collection, treatment and recovery of end-of-life textile products. The latest recent acquisitions of PuliEcol Recuperi and AET have further strengthened and integrated the presence of Haiki+ in the WEEE recovery chain. Through Haiki+, the Innovatec Group offers companies training and environmental consultancy services to support them in the energy and ecological transition.