Innovation and young talents for the development of the innovation ecosystem

The National Association of Young Innovators at Giffoni Next Generation 2023

Giving space to creative flair and encouraging the participation of young people are two key elements that have always distinguished the success of each edition of the Giffoni Film Festival. In this 53rd appointment, also the President of ANGI – National Association of Young Innovators, Gabriele Ferrieri, who in his speech at Giffoni Next Generation 2023, a collateral event of the festival dedicated to the innovation, commented: “We are delighted as ANGI to have been able to live this wonderful experience within Giffoni and to have been able to dialogue with the many young people who successfully discuss numerous projects within the Giffoni Innovation Hub every year. The our heartfelt thanks to all the organizers, promoters and team members. Like ANGI we started a fruitful collaboration with the friends of Giffoni already last year and we are already laying excellent foundations for new future projects to be developed together. Uniting the theme of young people, innovation and digital skills are the basis of a great growth path. Fundamental points for an economic and social relaunch of Italy in the name of sustainability”.