Innovation, Bucci: ‘We will provide Genoa with infrastructures that will bring great benefits’

“I am very happy that ESG is being talked about and that Iren, the pride of our city, has given life to this initiative. I am also very happy that young people who deal with the environment, sustainability and all issues closely connected to the ecological transition”. These are the words of Marco Bucci, mayor of Genoa, during the ‘Esg Challenge Iren 2023’, the international event held in Genoa, during which the challenges considered most urgent and strategic to support sustainable development in 2023 were presented.

“I sometimes think that if all human beings considered the planet, with its resources, as something that has been lent to them by future generations, then we would have much more respect for the environment, we would behave very differently and would like to give back a better planet than the one that was loaned to us – continued the mayor of the Ligurian capital, paraphrasing an ancient proverb of the American natives – In fact, young people have a duty to tell us “look, this stuff is ours, you can’t ruin it. I hear this message, our administration hears it. We have a really challenging but beautiful task.”

“The city of Genoa needs new infrastructures that are adequate and that bring advantages both for local public transport and for the transport of goods – concluded Bucci – I am thinking of the new underground line, on which a train will pass every 10 minutes, I am thinking of the transport of goods only on rails, then I am thinking of fully electric public transport. To carry out these projects we have 6 billion euros available and we have already demonstrated that we are capable of working well. If we work and design infrastructures by doing the good of environment, we are winning the transition challenge”.