Innovation, De Capitani: ”New technologies a fundamental driver for city modernization”

Municipia, the Group company that supports around 1,000 Italian municipalities in their digitization process

New technologies are a fundamental driver for the modernization of cities in terms of efficiency, sustainability and environmental protectionespecially today that the Pnrr is a great opportunity to make digital transition and green transition go hand in hand”. and concrete tools’, Stefano De Capitani – Evp Municipia, Engineering Group.

After the pandemic, he notes, “technological evolution has accelerated never before seen, generating profound and pervasive changes in all urban contexts: this digital revolution, however, must not end in making traditional services to citizens increasingly smarter , but to nurture a real culture of innovation, capable of promoting the reconfiguration of the main urban assets, such as mobility, safety, waste management and fiscal sustainability”.

In these areas, also through Municipia, the Group company which supports around 1,000 Italian Municipalities in their digitization process, Engineering, underlines De Capitani, “creates solutions that respond to the real needs of citizens, supporting administrators to use them as an opportunity of progress and good governance, ranging from integrated digital infrastructures aimed at optimizing urban mobility, with important benefits also for the environment, to platforms that make the entire waste management process more efficient through an important combination of ecological and digital transition. In the field of urban safety, we create solutions capable of enabling systems that analyze and predict potentially dangerous situations, so as to allow the authorities in charge to intervene in real time. And again: technological infrastructures and operational processes for the management of tax revenues with updated, reclaimed, interconnected and historicised territorial databases”. Solutions, technologies and new operational processes, agoimge De Capitani, “which must also include new models of collaboration between Administrations and businesses such as the public-private partnership, a tool that Municipia has been experimenting with for years and which today becomes a fundamental driver for efficiently using the resources of the Pnrr through projects that will be able to create services truly capable of innovating cities in where we live and work”.