Innovation, Parisi (Fire Brigade): “Digitization for quality leap in administrative action”

The words to the Adnkronos

“Digitization cannot be seen as a fad or an obsession or an emergency, as everything that is done in an emotional or otherwise altered perception of needs risks wasting important resources. part of all of us, from the Public Administration to businesses and professionals, to make a cultural leap oriented to the many times recalled effectiveness, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of administrative action, it would be a real pity that we would not be forgiven by the youngest “. He tells the Adnkronos Guido Parisi, Head of the National Fire Brigade.

“The Department is fully involved in the unitary project of the Ministry of the Interior which includes various action plans – he explains – the creation of processes and services to be provided in digital form, the re-engineering of digital processes and services for the purpose of application migration to the Cloud , the training of the staff of the Departments on ICT systems, the support to the Departments in the ICT area, the application migration to the ‘Ministry of the Interior private cloud’, infrastructure excluded “.

“As part of this project, funded as part of Mission 1 of the Pnrr with the sub-investment M1C1-1.6.1, the Department is engaged in the implementation and / or evolutionary maintenance of 15 digitization interventions of as many services directly or indirectly aimed at the citizen and the community. The interventions directly aimed at the citizen – he adds – will be ensured by portals dedicated to fire prevention investigations and other instances related to the administrative action of the Department such as, for example, the request for access to documents, the request for security services and other non-emergency technical services, the request for training courses “.

“The simplification and dematerialization of internal and external flows began in the fire prevention sector since 2011 – continues Parisi – and today it is a widespread reality in almost all the headquarters and offices of the Corps. The dematerialization of paper archives is still in progress. course, according to the principle of the added value that the intervention can offer to the community and to the worker: for this reason it was oriented towards documents containing data of statistical significance or with a high frequency of consultation. May, the 2022-2026 Simplification Agenda was approved, based on the following strategic areas “.

“All of this, of course, is also aimed at carrying out actions aimed at overcoming bureaucratic obstacles in the key sectors of the Recovery Plan – underlines Adnkronos – with particular reference to environmental sustainability and green economy. Therefore, one of the challenges that must to be addressed is certainly that of achieving the reduction of administrative burdens for businesses and citizens without altering, in any way, the levels of fire safety guaranteed by the current regulations. It is our firm belief that an update of the DPR 151/2011, reviewing the application of the principle of proportionality of the administrative action to the subject activities, taking into account the technical-normative production that took place in these ten years “.

“Finally, in order to implement the three-year plan for IT 2021-2023, the Department is committed to providing a portal for the provision of services to citizens and businesses (digital front-office and back-office), including through the achievement of full interoperability with Suap, possibly bidirectional, for which a regulatory intervention on Presidential Decree 160/2010 is required. The interventions indirectly aimed at the citizen are aimed at making administrative action more efficient through two main lines of actions, the provision of real-time monitoring tools for managers of the administrative action delegated to employee offices in order to intervene in time with workload rebalancing actions and improve response times to citizens and also through path analysis tools career in order to ensure selection criteria and career progression as objective as possible and, of consequently, reward the actual merit of the employee “.

“With rare exceptions, in the procurement of the Apps necessary for the management of the institutional mission, the Department has, for some time now, embraced the philosophy of customerization of applications and, in this sense, the 15 interventions financed by the aforementioned PNRR M1C1 1.6.1 investment also move. . In implementation of the Three-Year Plan for IT in the PA 2021-2023, the Corps – says the Head of the National Fire Brigade – has set up a ‘data team’ to implement all the necessary interventions aimed at enhancing the information assets already available, to generate new databases related to climate change and the containment of energy consumption, to start the procedures for opening dynamic data according to Directive 2019/1024 “.

“Other interventions are aimed at making statistical data available in open formats and ensuring the availability of dynamic data for reuse immediately after collection via internet services. Statistical research / consultation / download / format conversion As regards the documents of interest historical – he adds – an activity to rationalize the museum sites of the National Corps is underway in which the usability of these documents will find the right attention and enhancement “.

“The Department, in addition to benefiting from Pnrr funds, benefits from the funding allocated by various multi-year spending laws intended for the updating of the fixed and field ICT infrastructure. It is clear – Parisi explains to Adnkronos – that with the current level of inflation and with the price rush also in the ITC sector it is likely that the available funds will have to be increased since the Department, among other things, must contribute to the implementation of the commitments undertaken in the Pnrr area, to the establishment of the Private Cloud of the Ministry of the Interior with resources not covered by this plan. The mission of a modern Public Administration, as the Department already exists and as such wants to remain over time, must include the burden of having to render increasingly advanced services to citizens and businesses “. And he adds: “We have been moving on the subject for some time and today it is in the position of having to follow (and not chase) technological development and this, probably, depends on the fact that the National Fire Brigade is an Administration with a prevalent technical competence both specialized and system “.