Innovation, TedxModenaWomen’s spotlight on women exploring new ideas

The curator Fabrizio Bulgarelli: “What Now? Will be the leitmotif of the talks at the Florim Gallery in Fiorano Modenese, we will outline a vision on the challenges that await us”

Learn what is taking shape in design, technology, science and culture. And from here imagine a future that can be built. These are the horizons of comparison in response to the global call Ted – linked to TedWomen 2021 – that open n
in the spectacular setting of the Florim Gallery in Fiorano Modenese, in the province of Modena, where next Saturday 11 December the TedxModenaWomen celebrates women who they are imagining new possibilities and exploring new ideas on how we could better live and work together in the years to come. The curator Fabrizio Bulgarelli anticipates that “this year, the leitmotif of the interventions will be ‘What Now?'”.

“We want to think – explains Bulgarelli – in a ‘restart’ perspective: the past year has turned our lives upside down and forced us to deal with systems, processes and policies that have too often disappointed us. And now?”. “See you next live TedxWomen and in person this year, we will hear extraordinary speakers who will bring us a vision international in scope on the challenges that await us. Fil rouge of each intervention – Bulgarelli reveals – will be, as always, the drive to share and implement the ideas heard and I am sure that this time too the public will come out richer in good ideas than how they got in “.” our Leo Turrini with a memory of Antonia Terzi and that the Terzi family has decided to establish ‘the Antonia Terzi scholarship’ for young women who want to embark on her extraordinary journey “Bulgarelli finally announces.

The speakers of TedxModenaWomen 2021 are Laura Milani, Mirella Guicciardi, Alessandra Pederzoli, Susanne Preiss, Chiara Tilesi, Eva Dal Pozzo, Elena Moruzzi, Leo Turrini and the event, a “strong and effective” event, is promoted by Unimore, from Muner Motorvehicle University Emilia Romagna, from the Collegio San Carlo Foundation, Modena Smart Life and Motor Valley Fest. The event is sponsored by the Municipality of
Modena, Carpi, Sassuolo, Fiorano and Maranello, from emiliaromagnaturismo, from Confindustria Emilia Area Centro and obtained the contribution and help from numerous supporters including Duna-Corradini, Chimar, Proxima, Vem, Ad Consulting, Legita, Modenamoremio, Vitanova, Otherwise, Espresso, Deutsche Bank, StudioRpr, as well as of course Florim hosting the event in its headquarters.

The history of Ted’s conferences – Technology Entertainment and Design starts from afar supported and managed by a non-profit organization e vote for “ideas that deserve to be shared” (ideas worth spreading). Born in 1984 in California, in Silicon Valley, over the years the Ted project has grown through multiple initiatives characterized by cycles of conferences on a wide range of topics. Many personalities who have held the so-called Ted Talks over time starting with Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Bill Gates. Also participating were rock star Bono and tennis champion Serena Williams. And recently Pope Francis also contributed to the project with his intervention.

According to Ted dictates, all speeches must be no more than 18 minutes and are made available free of charge on the platform. By spreading the focus, in the underlying spirit of ‘ideas that deserve to be shared’, a few years ago Ted launched the TedX program with which to promote local events, independently organized, all over the world, events that aim to bring people together to share an experience similar to the one you live with Ted. Ted’s conferences have the ambition to provide the general guiding model for TedX events but local TedXs are made independently.