Innovation, territory and inclusion, first Fabbri 1905 sustainability report

Since 2022 it has chosen, in advance of legal obligations, to undertake a formalized path to integrate and systematize the multiple sustainability projects carried out over the years in its business model

Over 1.350 million euros invested in technological and process innovation, 290 registered brands, almost 80% of suppliers from the local area, over 93% of employees, just under half of whom are women, with permanent contracts and possibility to take advantage of the flexibility of smart working. These are just some of the data contained in the first Sustainability Report of Fabbri 1905, which since 2022 has chosen, in advance of legal obligations, to undertake a formalized path to integrate and systematize the multiple sustainability projects brought into its business model forward in years.

“We were born in 1905 – commented Michele Magli, general manager of Fabbri 1905 – when the companies were small family businesses and the recipes were handed down from generation to generation. Today, after more than a century of development and evolution, the values ​​we seek and bring to every preparation are still the same. Safety, taste and health have always been the pillars of our commitment and we believe that the constant search for quality and excellence in the products and services offered means first of all the enhancement of the people who create them with us, respect for the ethical and religious values ​​of each individual who will appreciate them. For each of us and for the future of the planet, we are committed to ensuring that projects, processes, methodologies and raw materials respond to objectives of territorial balance, pollution prevention, environmental and landscape protection”.

With a consolidated turnover of 100 million euros in 2022, Fabbri 1905, active in the consumer goods, food service, ice cream and artisan pastry, semi-finished products for the food industries sectors, marks a growth of + 25% compared to 2021 deriving from the increase in volumes in all geographical areas. In fact, the company has exported 1,300 products to over 100 countries around the world. A complex activity with a high human and technological investment, which allows the company to intervene directly on 8 sustainable development objectives identified by the United Nations 2030 Agenda (3, health and well-being; 4, quality education; 5, equality gender; 7, clean and accessible energy; 8, decent work and economic growth; 9, industry and innovation; 12, responsible consumption and production; 13, climate change) and to actively contribute to social, economic and environmental well-being. On the latter aspect, a particular commitment to energy efficiency, water saving and support for the circular economy is documented, with projects concerning packaging, the production of energy from renewable sources, the reduction and reuse of waste.

On the economic side, a strong presence of innovation emerges, with over 1.350 million euros invested in 2022 and 290 registered brands. An inclination that also has a positive effect on the consumer and on health, with over 40 Vegan OK products, over 600 Gluten Free products, more than 400 Lactose Free products, in addition to the Kosher and Halal certifications.

The Bologna-based company, a family-run holding company, linked to the places in which it is based by an emotional bond that has been handed down from generation to generation, has always dedicated a substantial part of its resources to the social aspect. The attention for the female component has materialized over the years through support for entrepreneurship and employment: since 2015, Lady Amarena has been the international competition reserved for barladies from every corner of the planet. Significant support for scientific research: since 2015 Fabbri has been alongside Ail (Italian association against leukemia-lymphomas and myeloma Onlus), the year in which Cockt-Ail, the first traveling and solidarity contest for barmen and barladies, was launched. and to the Ant Italia Onlus Foundation, a non-profit organization in Italy for free specialist home assistance to cancer patients.

Among the projects in favor of the city community is the eco-mural created by the street artist Cheone on the external walls of the company’s headquarters in Bologna: an urban redevelopment work for the city, but also an anti-smog intervention because the protective finish absorbs carbon dioxide just like a small planting of trees would. Staying on the art theme, there is the Fabbri Prize for Art, a breeding ground for young talents in painting, sculpture and graphics.