INPS and Roma Tre Orchestra in Summer IN Music for Social Affairs: concert at the Convitto Vittorio Locchi

Celebrate music and art while preserving Rome’s cultural heritage. This is the aim of IN musica Per il Sociale, a project promoted by INPS in synergy with the Roma Tre Orchestra Association and now in its second edition. After a rich summer season, which saw music as the undisputed protagonist, the closing concert was held at the suggestive Convitto Vittorio Locchi in Rome. “The IN musica Per il Sociale festival offers citizens a classic musical product. Making classical music is now increasingly difficult in Rome, there are fewer and fewer spaces. We have created a small place of beauty, the concert experience in this boarding school is truly unique because it combines the enjoyment of music with the perfect acoustics, given by the walls of this courtyard, with the beauty of the place” said Valerio Vicari, Artistic Director Roma Tre Orchestra. INPS’s involvement goes beyond the promotion of music and art. The aim of the institute is to convert the historic Vittorio Locchi Convitto building, designed in the 1930s by the architect and engineer Angiolo Mazzoni. A true jewel of rationalist architecture, which has undergone some changes over time but still retains the characteristics of the typical building of the fascist period. “It is important to enhance this location which lends itself both from a scenographic and acoustic point of view and therefore we have created this combination: valorisation of the artistic heritage and encounter with high culture” said Diego De Felice, INPS Communications Director, at margin of the event. Built in 1935 on a commission from Senator De Vito, then President of the Institute of Insurance and Pension for Postal Services, the building was home to the women’s boarding school until 1977, then in 2010 it became the property of INPS. Today, the structure is subject to a monumental restriction, while its vast 75,000 square meter park is protected for its historical and landscape value. Furthermore, within the area there is a cistern from the Severian era (2nd century AD) and an anti-aircraft shelter consisting of a 335 meter long tunnel with three entrances in tuff and bricks, which covers approximately 1,400 square meters of surface area. “We are in the heart of Garbatella, one of the historic districts richest in visual, graphic and architectural art in the city and which this year celebrates 103 years since its foundation. The structure where we are located is a piece of history of this neighborhood. It was born in a very particular period in the political history of our country and is the result of a great idea, namely that of opening social assistance to the most needy categories such as the orphans after the First World War” added Sergio Moschetti, INPS Communications Manager. Thanks to a recovery and social valorization plan, this architectural jewel will host the INPS Academy in the future. This ambitious project will allow the historical beauty of the building to be preserved while adapting it to modern needs, while creating opportunities for synergy between the citizens of the Garbatella neighborhood and the INPS. In this way, INPS not only celebrates music and art but also actively engages in the preservation of cultural heritage, ensuring that such a precious building continues to be an integral part of the history and life of the city.