Inps awarded by Unesco for Pec project

In the world top 10 artificial intelligence

The INPS received an important recognition from Ircai, the center for Artificial Intelligence promoted by UNESCO, with the project relating to the automatic classification and sorting of Pecs. This is what we read in a note. In the global call for project proposals that make extensive use of Artificial Intelligence to support the 17 “Sustainable Development Goals” of the UN, the INPS project was recognized as “outstanding” and awarded in the World Top 10.

The project focuses on making the communication flow of the millions of Pec (Certified Electronic Mail) that are sent to INPS every year more efficient, through a system that is able to understand the content of the Pec received and automatically address it to the INPS operator. more specialized in the specific answer. This, explains the Social Security Institute, has a double advantage: it cuts the communication and response times of INPS towards the applicant and optimizes the work of INPS operators allowing them to devote themselves to activities with maximum added value for the user.

To better understand the concrete value of innovation and the impact on the optimization of communication management, it is necessary to consider that the INPS offices receive on average over 4 million Pecs from users every year: 3,584,530 in 2019 and 4,162,936 in 2020 , with a 16% increase in certified mail communications in the year of the pandemic.

“The recognition obtained today is for us both a reason for national pride and an encouragement to continue in this direction – commented the president Pasquale Tridico – a recognition that is the result of the new path of innovation that the Institute has started in 2019, realizing it, also thanks to the collaboration with other public administrations and external partners. The Institute is developing truly world-class technological avant-garde solutions in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, solutions that want to achieve a concrete benefit for all stakeholders: citizens, businesses and the entire PA “.

Many of the new projects being implemented at INPS leverage the capabilities offered by Artificial Intelligence as a fundamental technology to increase the quality of the services offered by the Public Administration; the results obtained also fit perfectly into the Strategic Program for Artificial Intelligence 2022-2024 recently approved by the Government.