Inps: women paid on average 31% less than men

This is what the Observatory on employees of the National Insurance Institute reports

The average annual salary in 2020 of the 15.58 million private employees (excluding agricultural and domestic workers) with at least one paid day was 20,658 euros but is very differentiated both by age and by gender. This was revealed by the INPS in the Observatory on employees. The salary increases with increasing age and is constantly higher for men (23,859 euros against 16,285 euros for women). In practice, women on average had wages 31.2% lower than those of men but the figure is also affected by the average number of days in the year plus low (230 for men and 214 for women).

-2.6% private employees in 2020

The social security institution also specifies that compared to 2019, employees in the private sector fell by 2.6% in 2020, and this is essentially due to the effects of the emergency linked to the Covid-19 pandemic which caused the fall of the production and consumption. In particular, apprentices decreased by -5.1% and workers by -3.3%. Blue-collar workers (8,563,588 workers) represent 55.0% of the total, against 36.8% of office workers, 4.0% of apprentices, 3.1% of middle managers and 0.8% of managers. Compared to gender, male workers represent 57.7% of the distribution.

Declining intermittently and administered in 2020

In 2020, the number of intermittent employees with at least one paid day in the year was 542,546, recording a decrease of 19.0% compared to 2019. According to INPS, last year the number of employees in administration with at least a paid day in the year amounted to 736,032, a decrease of 9.9% compared to the previous year.