Inside Jesse Williams’ messy split from his ex-wife

Jesse williams is known throughout the world as the Dr. Jackson Avery of the medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy“In fact, this character has become so entangled with Williams that fans of the actor may not even know that he has also starred in other movies and series, such as “Station 19” Y “The Cabin in the Woods“.

The Dr avery he’s just one of the many beautiful doctors on the ABC show, but he definitely became a fan favorite after first appearing in season 6.

While he’s a talented plastic surgeon, fans adore the character for his juicy relationship dramas with his peers.

When the exit of the Dr avery of the show in May, fans were absolutely devastated, according to Deadline.

Fortunately, this character didn’t have to die to leave the show, unlike his many counterparts.

The actor behind the Dr avery Nor is he immune to the drama of relationships. Williams has been in the headlines in recent years for issues related to her divorce from real estate agent Aryn Drake-Lee.

The couple met in New York City before Williams became a sexy on-screen doctor, according to USA Today. At that time, he was working as a teacher. Williams and Drake-Lee They moved to California and were married five years later, in 2012. Along the way, they welcomed two children together, Sadie and Maceo.

When the posts broke the news that the couple were getting divorced after just five years of marriage, fans were shocked. Unfortunately, the split was anything but amicable and the couple are still fighting today.

Jesse Williams was embroiled in a disorderly custody battle

In 2017, Jesse williams Y Aryn Drake-Lee announced that they had filed for divorce after five years of marriage and 10 years in total together, according to People. The divorce started amicably, but would soon turn into a nightmare as the former couple went through legal hurdles to determine a child custody situation that worked for everyone involved.

Before the finalization of your divorce in the fall of 2020, Williams and Drake-Lee petitioned the court several times for various reasons related to child support and custody.

In one of those requests in 2018, Drake-Lee asked the court to force Williams to pay you an additional amount of child support per month than was originally agreed upon, based on The blast. After the judge approved the modification, the actor of “Grey’s Anatomy “ appealed the decision.

Williams and Drake-Lee obtained a joint custody agreement when their divorce was finalized, according to US Weekly. However, it seems that this agreement did not please Williams and, shortly after her divorce settlement, she petitioned the court to change the child custody arrangement, as per People.

The court rejected this request, arguing that it was “not in the best interest of the minor children.” For April of this year, Williams Y Drake-Lee They had raised enough red flags within the courts that the two were ordered to go through a high-conflict parenting course, titled “Between Two Parents,” that would aid them in their decisions and disagreements. as co-parents, reported People.

Jesse Williams was rumored to have cheated on Aryn Drake-Lee

Shortly after the announcement that he had filed for divorce, Jesse williams faced rumors that he had cheated on his ex-wife, Aryn Drake-Lee, with the also actress Minka Kelly.

Yes OK Williams and Kelly were seen together in July 2017, which was three months after they Williams filed for divorce, it is unclear whether a romantic relationship began before or after he and Drake-Lee agreed to divorce, according to PopSugar.

However, a source told US Weekly in July 2017 that Williams Y Kelly they had been dating for “a few months,” which would have dated the beginning of the relationship before filing for divorce.

The actor denied rumors that he had cheated on Drake-Lee during a recorded conversation with various celebrities about relationships. He revealed that he had been “in a relationship for 13 years” and that “suddenly” people were spreading rumors that he had dumped that relationship for another woman. Williams described the experience of divorcing Drake-Lee as “the most painful experience I have ever had in my life.”

Kelly he also denied allegations of infidelity. In an Instagram post, he addressed a social media user who wanted to know if the infidelity rumors were true (via US Weekly). The fan added that “it would be disappointing” if they were. The “Friday Night Lights” actor replied, “They aren’t. I hate that you’re disappointed. I’m glad I was able to clarify that.”