Inside Out 2: the first teaser trailer introduces Ansia, the new emotion

The first teaser trailer for has been revealed Inside Out 2, and the video that anticipates what we will see in the highly anticipated sequel to the animated film that tells the mechanisms of emotions introduces a new character, the one we have all been waiting for: His Majesty Anxiety.
In today’s world where this very emotion seems to be the undisputed queen of the ball (as well as the source of all evil) this personification of one of the worst emotions of our time could not really be missing.

In the teaser trailer published online in the last few hours, the new emotion, called Anxiety, is introduced. In the original version of the film, it is the actress Maya Hawke who lends her uvula to the new character of Anxiety, together with Amy Poehler in the role of Joy, Phyllis Smith in that of Sadness, Lewis Black in that of Anger, Tony Hale in that of Fear and Liza Lapira in that of Disgust (who take up their vocal roles from the original).
We remember that Maya Hawke, actress and singer, is the daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, who became famous for her interpretation of Robin Buckley in Stranger Things.
Inside Out 2 will arrive in Italian cinemas on 14 June 2024.

You can watch the first teaser trailer for Inside Out 2 which introduces the new character of Ansia in the video you find at the bottom of this article.

Director Kelsey Mann: “Anxiety is certainly not the type that fades into the background”

According to Kelsey Mann (who is the director who replaces Pete Docter, the filmmaker who directed the first film in 2015), the new character promises to create havoc within the headquarters. “Ansia, played by Maya Hawke in the original version of the film, may be the newest addition to the team, but she’s certainly not one to take a backseat,” Mann said. “This makes a lot of sense if we think about what goes on in the minds of all of us.”

The sequel returns to the mind of teenage Riley

For this second act of Inside Out, we return once again to the mind of the teenage Riley. We will find ourselves catapulted into his tumultuous mind in turmoil just as the headquarters is suddenly demolished to make way for something Riley never expected: new emotions.
Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust will retreat to deal with a newcomer that they don’t really know how to handle: Anxiety creates havoc and will put to the test all the old dear emotions that Riley (and the viewers) were used to.
But not only Anxiety will come as a deus ex machina (so to speak, because its role is exactly the opposite of the classic one deus ex machina of the ancient Greek theatre, which descended from the sky to resolve the tangled plots. Anxiety, on the other hand, will complicate everything, as befits it.)

In addition to Anxiety, the mind of the teenage protagonist seems to be affected by many new and unprecedented emotions, in a multiplication of feelings and moods which, in fact, is what makes adolescence so difficult (but also so fascinating and thrillingprecisely).
In the new chapter of the animated film, the little girl protagonist will move from Minnesota to San Francisco. She will have to struggle, along with her emotions, in order to adapt to the new environment and life changes. For her there will not only be the typical challenges of growing up but also serious emotional difficulties that will lead her to risk losing friends and family.

The first film was acclaimed by critics and audiences

The original film received widespread acclaim from critics and audiences, winning the 2016 Oscar for best animated film. The success was such that it pushed fans to clamor for a sequel, which however took quite a long time to wait.

The first film revolved around Joy and Sadness, the two most important emotions that found themselves embarking on an adventurous journey into the depths of little Riley’s mind. Although the two characters of Joy and Sadness are diametrically opposed, due to professional deformation, the two emotions learned to work together in order to help their little “mistress” face the new things in life. In fact, Riley had just moved to a new city and was therefore at the mercy of multiple emotions, ready to overwhelm her.

The sequel was first announced at Disney’s D23 Expo in 2022. Kelsey Mann is directing, taking over from Pete Docter who directed the original. The screenplay is signed by Meg LeFauve, already co-writer of the first film.

Below you can watch the first teaser trailer for Inside Out 2 which introduces the new character of Ansia.