Instagram, a new procedure for age verification is underway: how it works

A selfie document or video will be needed for those who want to create a new one

The new Instagram mode to check the age of its users is also starting in Italy. Meta has in fact announced the start of the procedure to test the new recognition system, “in order to offer people experiences suitable for their age”.

According to what the company to which Fb and Instagram belong, “if someone tries to change their date of birth, taking it from an age below 18 to an age equal to or above 18 years, this person will have to verify the your age using one of the following options: upload an identification document; record a selfie video “. The note specifies that for this Meta collaborates with Yoti, a company specializing in online age verification that helps ensure user privacy.

In 2019, Instagram started asking people to provide their age when signing up. Since then, indicating age has become a must. To subscribe to Instagram you must be at least 13 years old, although in some countries there is a higher minimum age. To users “who we know are teenagers (13-17 years) we provide experiences in line with their age, for example by offering predefined private accounts, preventing unsolicited contacts with adults they do not know and limiting the options available to advertisers to reach them” he points out the note.