Instagram and Facebook, Meta studies paid subscriptions for the EU

Meta is exploring the possibility of charging users in the EU up to around 13 euros ($14) to access ad-free versions of Instagram and Facebook, or accepting personalized ads for the free versions. The reports it Wall Street Journal, explaining that it would be the company’s proposal to the EU regulatory authorities. According to the plan, Meta would charge around 10 euros per month on a Facebook or Instagram account from a computer and 6 euros for each additional account connected. For users who wish to use the platforms on smartphones, the monthly fee for the ad-free versions would rise to around 13 euros.

Fine of 390 million euros at the beginning of the year

Meta was fined €390 million earlier this year by Ireland’s privacy commissioner for breaching transparency obligations and adopting an incorrect legal basis when processing users’ personal data for advertising purposes. A Meta spokesperson told the Journal that the company believes in “free services supported by personalized ads” but is exploring “options to ensure compliance with evolving regulatory requirements.” According to the rumors of Wsj, Meta told European regulators that it hopes to roll out the ad-free plan, which it calls ad-free subscription (Sna), in the coming months to users in Europe. The hypothesis of a subscription for Instagram and Facebook for EU users had already circulated a few weeks ago on the New York Times, but there were no figures. In recent weeks, Elon Musk has also raised the possibility of introducing subscriptions for X-Twitter but with the aim of reducing the proliferation of bots, automatic profiles.