Instagram, longer stories: we go towards a maximum duration of 60 seconds

Instagram Stories towards a longer maximum duration. Some users already have the ability to post content up to 60 seconds, while for the other subscribers to the social network, at the moment, the threshold of 15 seconds remains. It remains the same for everyone, however, the ability to add effects, GIFs, emojis and music to your story.

Stories up to 60 seconds at the moment only for some users

“Instagram is rolling out longer stories (up to 60 seconds) to some users,” it reads in a tweet of the Italian leaker Alessandro Paluzzi, who already a month ago announced the arrival of the news on the social network, which together with Facebook and Whatsapp is part of the Meta company of Mark Zuckerberg. Paluzzi, however, specified that the option of stories up to 60 seconds is currently only available for iOs users.

The 60 second Reel precedent

It is not yet known when the new functionality will be available to all subscribers to the platform. Before the extension of the duration of the stories, last May Instagram had extended the time of the Reels to a maximum of one minute, videos that unlike the stories do not disappear after 24 hours, but remain in the profile posts.