Instagram updates security features, news coming soon

There is also improved filters to detect even intentional misspellings of offensive terms

Instagram updates the existing security functions and launches some new features designed “to encourage increasingly supportive and positive conversations” on the social network. Among them improved filters to detect even intentional misspellings of offensive terms, explains a blogpost. “We will also start filtering DM (direct messaging ed) requests containing spam and scams, starting with the English language.

And again the social network announces the improvement of the account blocking function: “From today, when you block someone, you will have the possibility to block other accounts that this person may already have or create. In this way, it will be much more difficult for them to be able to contact you again”. Also improvements to the “Hidden Words” function, which filters direct messaging requests and comments containing offensive words, phrases and emojis. In particular: we test the activation of this function as the default setting for people with a Creator Profile.

The feature will also be extended to Stories, so that offensive replies from people you don’t follow are automatically moved to the Hidden Requests folder. Then a notification to remind people to be respectful: “when someone tries to send a request in DM to a creator, we will show them a message at the bottom of the chat to remind them to be nice and keep Instagram a place of support”.