Int participates in EU public consultation on tax evasion

The president ofNational tax institute (Int), Riccardo Alemanno, participated in the Public consultation promoted by the European Commission on tax evasion and aggressive tax planning. The president of the Int stressed that “the role of professional operators (so-called facilitators) in aggressive tax planning or in favoring tax evasion must absolutely be placed under control by the EU in collaboration with EU nations”. Alemanno however warned: “We must avoid forms of excessive bureaucratization as they would be to the detriment of correct operators, free initiative and the exchange of goods and services. A shared system of economic operators data between the member countries and the EU is necessary, as well as the rapid creation of the register of tax consultancy operators, subject to compliance with a European code of ethics “.

“It would certainly be an effective initiative even if it would not solve the problem, but it would guarantee the transparency of the advice provided. Obviously, all the subjects who carry out tax consultancy in their countries will have to register in the register regardless of the professional paths that are obviously different in the various States. for the purposes of fairness, greater harmonization of the tax systems of EU nations is necessary, in order to avoid advantageous positions and operations of an elusive nature, perhaps starting with the obligation, throughout the Union, of electronic invoicing B 2 B and B 2 C as it already happens in Italy “, he added.

“All this is not easy to implement, but it is essential to start a concrete path towards this goal. I hope that our country, having overcome the current political situation, will support these initiatives at European level with the next government and Parliament, and that internal representatives of associations and orders in the sector abandon, at least in this case, their corporatist ambitions and put at the center the interest of the entire European Union, which today more than ever must be determined and cohesive to implement every action that can contribute to overcoming the current economic crisis, including the fight against tax evasion “, he concluded.